Pothole Pictures

We are an all-volunteer-run, non-profit, community movie house and we’ve been showing the best in classic, foreign, and independent films on the BIG screen in our historic, century-old 420-seat Memorial Hall Theater (at 51 Bridge Street – above Town Hall – in Shelburne Falls, MA) since 1995. We have frequent special events like “Meet the Filmmaker” nights and collaborations with local community organizations. Live, local musical acts play on stage for half-an-hour before each film. Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for kids under 12.

Advance tickets can be purchased at the rate of 5 for $20 by sending a check to:
P.O. Box 368, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370.
For more information, call (413) 625-2896.


June 3 & 4 at 7:30pm
Amazing odyssey of discovery – SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN
Hyped as the next big thing, Detroit singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez drops off the face of the earth & becomes a cult hero in South Africa. Did he shoot himself on stage? Die of a drug overdose? This compelling documentary follows the efforts of 2 hardcore fans as they trace clues around the globe for the elusive, enigmatic, & mysterious musical icon. An irresistible & uplifting story filled with Rodriguez’s original songs of life, love, poverty & rebellion. Dir. Malik Bendjelloul . 2012. Color. PG-13. 86 min.

Friday at 7pm – Small Change- acoustic swing

Saturday at 7pm – Ken Swiatek – folksinger/songwriter

June 17 at 7:30pm
Kafka-esque cubicle comedy – OFFICE SPACE
A smart, funny, dry & droll skewering of modern office life as 3 workers, suffering slow corporate deaths, rebel against their dictatorial, evil boss via an elaborate embezzlement scheme after a hypnotist dies while one of the drones (Ron Livingston) is in mid-trance. Got that? Less a cohesive narrative than a series of skits, it is nonetheless a spot-on, good-spirited, often hilarious rage against the machine-like nightmare of contemporary work life. The first live-action feature by Beavis & Butt-head creator Mike Judge. Jennifer Aniston, David Herman, Ajay Naidu, Gary Cole. 1999. R. 89 min.

Friday at 7pm – Abdul Baki – piano

June 24 & 25 at 7:30pm
Classic neo-noir – CHINATOWN
Jack Nicholson is 1930s LA private eye Jake Gittes – cynical but with unshakable personal code of ethics – lured into a complex web of deceit, fraud, & murder by femme fatale Faye Dunaway in one of the greatest films of the 70s. Everything here is near flawless, from the rich, dense script by Robert Towne, to the lush period detail, to the moody jazz score by Jerry Goldsmith. Imbedded political corruption & evil familial tragedy meld into a world where nothing is what it seems in this dazzling, hardboiled tour de force – & who can ever forget that haunting last line? John Huston, John Hillerman. Dir. Roman Polanski. 1974. Color. R. 131 min.

Friday at 7pm – Beach Honey – acoustic rock
Saturday at 7pm – Small Change- acoustic swing

July 15 & 16 at 7:30pm
Pirates, treasures, monsters, skeletons! – THE GOONIES
Every child’s funnest fantasy – when their neighborhood is threatened to be torn down, a bunch of kids (each unique & engaging) have a chance to save the day when they find an old treasure map & blunder into the hideout of a desperate gang of criminals where they escape down tunnels with the bad guys hot on their tails. Humanity, friendship, first love, thrills, chills – they’re all here in this rollicking, booby-trap-filled, frenetic adventure that is a touchstone “most-awesomest movie ever” to members of a certain generation. Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, Joe Pantoliano. Dir. Richard Donner. 1985. Color. PG. 114 min.

Friday at 7pm – Lumberjack Skypilot – new folk
Saturday at 7pm – James Smith – talkin’ blues jazz poetry with harmonica

July 22 & 23 at 7:30pm
Presidential politics – life imitates art – MEET JOHN DOE
A phony populist presidential candidate starts a media frenzy – hmmm, where have we seen this lately? In Frank Capra’s seldom seen classic, newspaper columnist Barbara Stanwyck invents a fake candidate – John Doe – & homeless Gary Cooper is hired to play the character. Soon the masses see Doe as a champion in their plights, leading to corporate misbehavior, media circuses, & wealthy fat-cats thinking they can speak for ordinary people. A scary, yet ultimately hopeful, beautifully realized piece of Americana. 1941. B&W. NR. 132 min.

Friday at 7pm – Whistlestop – fiddle, banjo, guitar
Saturday at 7pm – Dick Moulding – piano rags

August 5 & 6 at 7:30pm
Stylish, hyperkinetic, dazzling – RUN LOLA RUN
Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu), has lost 100,000 marks that he owes to a Berlin mobster. Lola (Franka Potente) has 20 minutes to find that money & get it to Manni or he will be killed. That’s the setup for this thrilling roller-coaster ride that presents 3 different scenarios of what might happen & demonstrates how each small decision we make can cause large differences in our lives. Throwing every cinematic trick at us – speedup, b&w, still-frame, animation, swirling alternate points of view, split screens – all to a pounding techno score – it’s gimmicky and whooshing but it also has substance & a searing message of crazed optimism & endless possibilities. In German w/English subtitles. Dir. Tom Tykwer. 1998. Color. R. 88 min.

Friday & Saturday at 7pm – The Dinner Collective – Western Massachusetts Lola music

August 19 & 20 at 7:30pm
Silent film with LIVE original score! – MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA *
A spellbinding, radical 1920’s experiment – 24 hours in the life of a Russian city, shot over 4 years in Moscow, Kiev, & Odessa. We see machinery, crowds, boats, buildings, workers, streets, beaches, faces, planes, trains, automobiles, as well as the eponymous “man with a movie camera” often risking his life to capture the images. Startlingly self-aware, political, playful, & bold, this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in cinema. Dir. Dziga Vertov. 1929. B&W. NR. 68 min.

* Wayne Smith & Lysha Smith, on cello & electronica, perform their own original score to this silent Russian film LIVE both nights!

Friday & Saturday at 7pm – Jess Dow & Friends – vocals from jazz to Celtic

September 9 & 10 at 7:30pm
Exhilarating poetry of the night – NIGHT ON EARTH
Jim Jarmusch’s elegiac, moody & comic exploration of 5 moments in time, in taxicabs, in the middle of the night, in 5 of the world’s cities, each spotlighting brief but eloquent encounters between driver & passenger. The night is lonely, dark & cold but this film is a warm, human & romantic vision of the way beings connect regardless of time, sex, race, language or money. Tom Waits’ brooding songs underscore the film’s spare elegance. Winona Ryder, Gena Rowlands, Giancarlo Esposito, Rosie Perez, Roberto Benigni. 1991. R. 128 min.

Friday & Saturday at 7pm – The Frost Heaves and Hales – sinuous rock, serrated folk