Other Events at Memorial Hall

June 2nd at 7:30pm

Award-winning documentary film
BURNED, a feature-length documentary film produced by filmmakers Alan Dater and Lisa Merton, tells the story of how woody biomass has become the fossil-fuel industry’s renewable, green savior, and of the people and parties both fighting against and promoting its adoption and use.
Through interviews with activists, experts, and citizens, along with verité-style footage shot across the U.S. and in the EU and UK, the film interweaves the science of climate change, the escalating energy-policy disputes, the dynamics of forest ecology, the biomass industry practices, and the actions of activists and citizens who are working to protect their own health, their communities, the forest, and the planet’s climate. The various stories present an intimate and visceral account of what is at this moment in time a critical, yet mostly unknown, national and international controversy.
BURNED won the Audience Award at the American Conservation Film Festival and was selected for the Wild and Scenic Film Festival among other festivals. BURNED‘s New England tour, which includes Memorial Hall, was made possible by a grant from Patagonia. For additional background information including “Take Action” tools and the movie’s trailer, visit: www.burnedthemovie.com

It seems to me like climate change is a kind of final exam for our species. We’ll find out if the big brain was in fact a good idea or not. Maybe if it’s connected to a big enough heart to make a difference. We’ve been given ample warning by the world’s scientists. Now the question is whether we’ll heed it or not.

– Bill McKibben, Author, Educator, Environmentalist